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Welcome to The Rat Pack Burlesque Show – the glittering heart of the UK's burlesque and variety scene, where the legacy of classic jazz, the thrill of comedy, and the allure of burlesque converge into a spectacle unlike any other. Hosted by the incomparable Darren Charles, embodying the King Of Cabaret Saucy Davis Jr., our show is a celebration of artistry, sensuality, and pure entertainment.

Our Story

Inspired by the timeless appeal of The Rat Pack and the dazzling world of Las Vegas shows, The Rat Pack Burlesque Show was born out of a desire to bring something truly extraordinary to the UK entertainment landscape. We've meticulously curated a lineup of the UK's finest Burlesque Artists and Variety Acts, alongside West End sensation Darren Charles, to create an experience that transcends the ordinary.

Our performances are more than just shows; they're a journey back in time with a modern twist, paying homage to the greatest Jazz & Musical hits of all time. From "New York, New York" to "L-O-V-E", our repertoire is designed to captivate and charm audiences of all ages, inviting them to sing, dance, and revel in the nostalgia and excitement of live entertainment at its best.

What We Offer

Versatility for Every Occasion: Whether it's a Corporate Event, a Theatre Venue, or a Black Tie affair, The Rat Pack Burlesque Show offers a range of Vegas-style burlesque and variety shows tailored to fit your needs. From intimate 5-minute pop-up performances to our full 2-hour extravaganzas, we ensure a memorable experience that perfectly complements your event.

A Stellar Cast: At the heart of our shows are the UK's Best Burlesque Artists, alongside world-renowned tribute acts, European Burlesque Queens, Las Vegas Hall of Famers, and Cabaret legends embodying icons like Marilyn Monroe and Liza Minnelli. With the option of big band backing tracks or live Jazz bands, our performances are a feast for the senses.

Join Us

The Rat Pack Burlesque Show is more than an entertainment company; we're a family of performers dedicated to reviving the golden age of cabaret and variety shows, with a modern flair. We invite you to experience the magic, the music, and the unparalleled talent of our cast.

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